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Lonely Hearts (1/??)

Bangtan | Hoseok-centric | wc: 1,062

"Have you eaten today." It’s not a question. Hoseok tries not to snort. Yoongi’s always to the point. He doesn’t blame him.

"I’ve eaten air. Does that count?"

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tomorrow ( 2/?? )

bangtan | yoonseok | wc; 582

"I didn’t get my free chocolate chip cookie for having perfect attendance, dang it." Hoseok grumbled,  slightly slamming his fist on table as he shoved the last of his food into his mouth. "Maybe if you would’ve if you hadn’t gone on so long about that cashier gu—"

"Shut up."


a/n: Here’s the second chapter~ We still don’t really know where this is going but \ o / the angst will come. Promise~

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ask box is open!

hello! we’re a new writing blog. there are two people running it and we made this blog because we both like to write whether it be oneshots or drabbles (and we’re kinda writing to hurt each other but shhh no one needs to know), but ahhh we’re open to requests atm so please to send us prompts and ships ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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tomorrow ( 1/?? )


bangtan | yoonseok | wc; 600+
memories are forever

a/n: coauthored thing— i write one part and nicole writes the next. how it ends, neither of us know.

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